Weird and yet artistic?

When I was walking this morning to the train station there was a little white vase on the floor of a public underpass with a single flower in it. Somebody must have put it there to attract the passengers’ attention. Next to it the person set up 5 or 6 photographs of the same object. My only thought was “Hmm it’s still so early in the morning… What is the protagonist trying to tell us?” and I continued my walk and turned left toward the staircase leading to the track 7.
To my surprise there were even more photographs on the floor. I didn’t count but I guess there were around 8-10 cards positioned next to each other, spread over the first 15 steps! A quarter of the staircase was used by this person to present the same photograph.
Was this done by an artist or by whom? “Weird…” I grumbled and boarded the train.

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